Wage Requirements

For apprentices already enrolled in our Program, below please find links to the specific requirements of the different Apprenticeship wage brackets.

Please be aware we currently have two different policies in place. For your convenience, please click on a title to download a printable version of the policy that applies to you.

Please be advised apprentices begin our Program earning 65% of the journeyman’s wage rate on the date they are first assigned a job as an apprentice – and stay at 65% for a period of one year. Thereafter, apprentices are eligible for a 5% pay increase every six months – however, increases will NOT be issued until all work required of the next wage bracket is successfully completed. Please also be advised that raises are issued at intervals of six months from the date of the last increase. Therefore, failure to comply with this policy at any time will affect the date of ALL future increases.

*** PLEASE NOTEL-154 (Pittsburgh, PA) apprentices begin our Program at 60% and are eligible for 5% pay increases every six months – with the same requirements outlined here***

*All apprenticeship related materials (Fees, completed Work Reports, Lessons, OJTs, etc.) should be submitted to: Boilermakers NEAAC, 297 Burnside Avenue, Suite 2, East Hartford, CT 06108.

Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Program Administrator by calling 860.569.8368.