Boilermakers Northeast Area Apprenticeship Committee


Take action now by sending an email to the Department of Labor:Tell the bureaucrats in Washington to protect Boilermakers Apprenticeships!

Our Boilermaker apprenticeship program is the best in the nation. lt trains members, like you, to be the safest, most highly-skilled craftsmen and women on the job.
But our apprenticeship programs and our future are at risk.
We need your help. And we have less than a month.

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What's a Boilermaker?

A shot in a beer? A Perdue University student? No…

For over 125 years, Boilermakers have been building the physical infrastructure of the world we live in. To learn more about the past, present and future of our craft, please take a moment to watch the detailed video – A History of Moving Forward.

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Interested in Applying?

Are you thinking about a career move? If so, the Field Construction Boilermaker Apprenticeship Program might be right for you.

The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers and its employers are seeking self-motivated individuals with a dedication and willingness to learn superior craftsmanship skills.

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Already an Apprentice?

If you’re already a member of our Apprenticeship Program, we have a variety of resources available to you here on our website.

Be sure to visit often to check wage rate requirements, refer to our Rules and Regulations, print Work Reports or OJTs or keep up-to-date on our latest news and developments.

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